Charles Jurries is a journalism student living in Grand Rapids, MI. He is currently attending Grand Valley State University, with the best intentions of graduating with two degrees, one in journalism and the other in communications studies. He figures that two semi-helpful degrees will equal one really awesome degree.

Charles grew up in the quiet city of Grandville, MI with his many brothers and sisters. Left-handed and a middle child, he has acquired enough quirks to make a psychiatrist salivate. He has a very subtle, dry sense of humor that can be terribly funny, but if you don’t know enough to expect it, it can leave you confused. (He understands, though, why you’re confused.)

He has been taking pictures since he was 8, blogging since he was 17, writing stories since he was 20, and updating his portfolio page since he was 21. His interest in news is a familiar story: After the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, he started to pay more attention to the news and the world around him. Soon he discovered he could also read entertainment and television news online, and suddenly the world was a much more fascinating place. He still appreciates hard, respectable news. But entertainment news gives him hints about upcoming episodes of Lost.

From 2007-2008, Charles served as the first-ever Web Design Editor for The Collegiate at Grand Rapids Community College, and as a beat writer for faculty/staff issues. His work on the web site earned him a first place for his division award from the Michigan Press Association, as well as a first place award from the Michigan Community College Press Association. The MPA also honored Charles with a third place for his division award for a story he wrote on faculty contract difficulties. He then interned at WOOD DT-8 in Grand Rapids, Mich., in the Web / News department. He had a brief stint at the Grand Valley Lanthorn, where he attended meetings (yes, employers, I have experience in meetings). Most recently, he has taken broadcast news classes at school, allowing him to get in front of and behind the camera for stories.

Musically, Charles enjoys classical, R&B, soul, dance, some electronic, orchestral soundtracks, some pop, jazz (not so much the Weather on the 8’s style), and oldies. He does not like most rock, country, rap, hip/hop, or really anything that any normal person listens to, leaving him in the cold when the topic of conversation turns to music. He also enjoys global music and finding extremely weird songs on Amazon.

If you find Charles watching sports, it is because the Olympics are on. Otherwise, athletic competitions do not and will not exist.

In his spare time, Charles enjoys writing biographies about himself in the third person.


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