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The following article was printed inside the April 9, 2008 edition of The Collegiate, the student-run newspaper serving Grand Rapids Community College.

Collegiate receives notable awards at MCCPA banquet
By Ashley VanderLoon
Collegiate Staff Writer

The GRCC Collegiate newspaper has received notable recognition for their attributes this year from the Michigan Community College Press Association.

Two staff members in particular let their determination glisten through both print and Web page.

GRCC student and staff editor Charles Jurries was the recipient for first place Best Online Publication against many other schools in the district. Editor in Chief Lonnie Allen was in the ranking of third place Journalist of the Year. The paper as a whole placed second for general excellence.

“I didn’t put the Web site together entirely, but when I came in it still had to be tested,” Jurries said. “At first there was just one story for each session, so I took it in and eventually added every story from every section.” Jurries devoted a lot of his free time to enhance the Web site.

“Through the weeks I made corrections and feature updates so it’s tough to stay how long I spend on it hours not minutes but hours. I would say I did most of the work, by large it’s mainly my puppy.” Jurries said.

The advisor, Steve Fox, is proud of the hard work Jurries has undergone.

“Charles Jurries deserves a lot of credit for taking over the Web site this year. He is the first Web Editor for Collegiatelive.com and has done phenomenal work,” Fox said. “Adding online-original contest, polls, photos, and recently ads makes the site interesting, interactive, and visually appealing. Charles deserves a great deal of the credit.”

Jurries was delighted to know the award was in his name.

Susan Hood, a judge and retired Oakland Press worker, was proud to give him the honor.

“He’s clearly worked hard and has dedicated immensely to the profession.

Such dedication is very important,” Hood said. “The spirit and attitude necessary for success is there.”

Allen was shocked to hear his name be announced against the many journalist entrepreneurs. As Editor-in- Chief, he embarked a large responsibility.

“To be nominated journalist of the year and actually win it was one of the greatest honors that ever happened. I never thought I was good enough,” Allen said.

Fox was also impressed with Allen’s contributions.

“While he is a leader on the staff, Lonnie has not created a divide. He has allowed a sizable staff of more than 20 to continue to be involved, Fox said. ”That in itself can be diffi cult on a student newspaper.”

The Collegiate team has received a total of 21 awards, three additional more than last year.

“Overall, I’m proud of the work this staff has done over my two years. I will always remember The Collegiate as the fi rst paper where I was fortunate enough to be the adviser,” he said. “Every edition there was a strong emphasis to be better than the last one.”

The Press Association conference took place on April 5 at Monroe Community College.


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