Charles Jurries is a college graduate. He holds one bachelor’s degree with two majors. He looks forward to going back to school for a master’s degree (in something, at some point in time). He enjoyed the education far more than he enjoys paying the loans back now.

To see what kind of background and liberal arts training he has received, an unofficial transcript is posted below. Grades might be available on request, assuming you just want to know which classes he got an ‘A’ in.

He also took an acting class, so if you want someone who can pretend to look happy at a meeting, you know who to call.

Grand Valley State University: B.S., Communications Studies and Journalism (2008 -2010)

– Arts Reporting and Criticism

– Communication Research

– Life-Span Development Psychology

– Research Methods in the Social Sciences

– Fundamentals of Public Relations

– Introduction to Applied Statistics

– Issues in Communication

– Fundamentals of Advertising

– Evolution of Communication

– Internship

– Community Reporting

– Broadcast News II

– Argument & Analysis

– Media Production I

– Theories of Communication

– Critical Interpretation

– Editing

– Citizenship

– Journalism History

– Broadcast News I

– Concepts of Communication

– Communication Ethics

– Nonverbal Communication

– News in Society

– Issues in Journalism

– Internship

Grand Rapids Community College: Associate of Arts Degree (2005-2008)

– College Algebra

– College Writing

– Interpersonal Communication

– Fundamental of Public Speaking

– Intro to Journalism I & II

– Survey of Mass Media

– Art History after 1400

– Survey of Philosophy

– General Psychology

– Child Psychology

– Spanish I & II

– Survey of American Government

– Intro to Acting

– Moral Choices in Contemporary Society

– Intro to Photoshop

– General Biology

– Cultural Anthropology


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